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Ace the SAT in just 10 minutes a day!

Our 10-minute microlearning system engages, guides, and gets students to mastery, no matter their starting point.

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Did you know?

To get a 1400 on the SAT you only need to know ~60% of all the skills.

And guess what...

Our online system knows exactly which skills you should learn to get the score you want.

Enter your exam date

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Forget about expensive tutoring sessions

Everydae online self-study system is affordable for all. Our mission is to get you the results of a tutor at a fraction of the cost.

Experience daily improvement

Research shows that small, consistent daily practice yields better results than cram courses or memorizing flashcards. Many students start with Everydae as early as 9th grade.

Say goodbye to nagging

Everydae's 10-minute gamified microlessons make it easy to fit studying into your busy schedule. Study from the couch, in the car or wherever you are!

Master crucial SAT strategies

10-minute microlessons boost confidence and make SAT strategies easy to remember. It's a "learn by doing" approach that is both efficient and targeted.

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Included in your deal at no additional cost:

SAT Math

SAT Reading

SAT Writing and Language




AP U.S. History

English Literature

College Readiness Soft Skills

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Billionaires pay thousands for this

Wealthy parents spend up to $10,000 per child on private tutors and test prep. Everydae provides the same expert guidance, combining 20,000+ hours of instructional design with the latest advancements in learning science to improve test scores for a fraction of the cost.

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Microlearning works: we've proven it.

200 point score increase on the SAT in under 8 weeks (guaranteed)

Increases knowledge retention by up to 20%

Boosts confidence and reduces test-day anxiety

Maximizes engagement and daily improvement

Provides a healthier way to study than cramming

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Michael M.
5 gold stars

Motivation Made Easy

Today is Day 5. My daughter has done consistent work EVERYDAY without being prompted. Prior to this, she would literally stare at her college board book “lost” as to exactly how to best prepare, resulting in no prep being done. No structure. Lots of frustration. This has, five days in, taken the guesswork out of prep.

Dec 13, 2020

Daria C.
5 gold stars

Real Results

My son really enjoyed the program. He found the explanations very clear and felt that Everydae was more helpful than his tutor. His test scores went up 200 points in a few months! I also like how I have access to his account and can monitor his progress.

Dec 9, 2020

Jaime A.
5 gold stars

Converted Skeptic

Everydae has made studying a painless process. My daughter is a sophomore and not yet in test-panic mode but once she's logged in - she will work for much longer than the suggested 10 min as if she's having, dare I say...fun!?

Oct 15, 2020

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Up to 10 users monthly
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All plans include

  • SAT Prep
  • Algebra
  • AP US History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Lit: The Great Gatsby
  • Developing Self Agency (Look Within)
  • Ikigai and CHIL (Find your Purpose)
  • 1000+ daily online challenges
  • 10,000+ individual questions and detailed answers.
  • Motivational Daily Tracker
  • Weekly leaderboard
  • Checkpoint Quizzes
  • Fun, easy-to-use interface
  • Video Lessons (Everydae TV)
  • Memorable strategies for school and life.
  • Text message study reminders

+ FREE bonuses when you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Everydae's online microlearning system work?

First we ask students about their motivations and goals. This helps us create a study journey that is right for them.

Next, students will set their daily goal. We recommend a minimum of 10 minutes, but many students do more! 

Once goal-setting is complete, students conquer 'challenges' in the subject of their choice (SAT, APUSH etc) to collect coins.

A weekly leaderboard makes learning fun. Bonus points are given for streaks and logging in every day.

As students learn, their confidence and competence soars. They also unlock their Readiness Score. It predicts how likely they are to hit their goals by their exam date / finals.

Finally, while we do provide a recommended study plan, students also have the freedom to choose challenges that align with the units they are learning in the classroom too.

Does Everydae work on any device?

Yes! Everydae works on any device that has an internet connection: mobile phones, tablets, laptops and your desktop computer. We have an app-store app coming soon too!

What makes Everydae different to other online resources?

Three things!
1) We're engaging. Students are 5 times more likely to want to study with Everydae than something like Khan Academy or a text book.

2) We combine academics with real-world skill building to prepare students for life, not just a test.

3) We're there when students need us. Our online chat is available to students so they never get stuck.

How long will it take before we see results?

We recommend using Everydae for a minimum of 2 weeks to boost confidence and focus and then 2 months to maximize results. You can also track progress and improvement on your parent dashboard at any time.

Is Everydae common-core aligned?

Yes! It's important to us that the curriculum we develop is of high standard and aligned with what is happening in the classroom. This is why we make all of our courses common-core aligned.

Who are the creators of Everydae and what makes you qualified?

We are proud graduates of Harvard, MIT, Duke, Berkeley, UCLA, UT and other top schools.

Prior to Everydae we worked together at Veritas Prep where we helped over 100,000+ families get into the colleges of their dreams.

When Veritas Prep was sold in 2018, we looked at each other and said "we know how to get results, now let's make what we do affordable for the world!"

By using cutting-edge online learning technologies and combining it with an engaging and gamified design, our mission is to get you the results of a private tutor at a fraction of the cost.