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One of the best ways to improve your SAT score is to take a practice test.

Book a free online SAT Practice test.

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10-minute microlessons boost confidence and make SAT strategies easy to remember. It's a "learn by doing" approach that is both efficient and targeted.

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Growth mindset principals and a clean modern design engage the teenage brain and make daily SAT practice motivating and fun.

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Checkpoint challenges and full-length practice tests build stamina and ensure you've master every skill.

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Research shows that daily SAT practice yields better results than memorizing flashcards, doing back-to-back practice tests, or cramming all night.

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- Robert C. High school junior

"The concept of building the healthy habit of consistency, coupled with the strong instruction makes it a home run."

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I love how motivational it is! When I get a text from you guys, I feel like I can and should go practice.

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Unlock new SAT skills every day.

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  • Online practice tests mimic the real exam.

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