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To get a 1400 on the SAT you only need to know ~60% of all the skills.

And guess what...
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Our system knows exactly which skills you should learn to get the score you want.*

*And in which order to study them, too.
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We're the most rigorous and motivating way to study for the SAT online.


Stay engaged and improve every day.
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10-minute microlessons boost confidence and make SAT strategies easy to remember. It's a "learn by doing" approach that is both efficient and targeted.
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Growth mindset principles and a clean modern design engage the teenage brain and make daily SAT practice motivating and fun.
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Checkpoint challenges and full-length practice tests build stamina and ensure you master every skill.

Loved by parents, students, & educators too.

We're proud to receive 100% 5-star reviews
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"My girl is only 2 weeks in, but she LOVES her SAT prep with Everydae. I'm soooo glad we found you!"

- Tara K. Mom

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"The concept of building the healthy habit of consistency, coupled with the strong instruction makes it a home run."

- Jami F. Mom

5 gold stars

I love how motivational it is! When I get a text from you guys, I feel like I can and should go practice.

- Katie V. student

Get special bonus subjects too!

Included in your deal:
  • SAT Math
  • SAT Reading
  • SAT Writing & Language
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • AP U.S. History
  • English Lit: The Great Gatsby
  • Finding your Purpose course
  • Developing Self Agency course


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How it works

Unlock new SAT skills every day.

  • A personalized plan keeps you on track.
  • 10-minute microlessons increase motivation.
  • Checkpoint Challenges build test taking stamina.
  • Online practice tests mimic the real exam.
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Build healthy habits along the way.

Research shows that small, consistent daily practice yields better results than cram courses or memorizing flashcards. Many students start with Everydae as early as 9th grade.

9th grade

10 minutes a day.
Get a head start on high school.

10th grade

10 minutes a day.
Perfect for PSAT prep.
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11th grade

10 - 30 minutes a day.
Own the SAT.

12th grade

20 - 30 minutes a day.
Finish strong.

Most importantly,
never get stuck.

  • The clearest and most detailed explanations in the industry.
  • Instructional videos for visual learners.
  • Uses retrieval practice and spaced repetition to increase retention of important strategies and skills.
Everydae detailed solutions and steps for every problem

Includes life skill boosters!

Imagine if studying for the SAT could also equip you with some essential life skills for college. With Everydae, it does.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Love us or your money back - no questions asked.

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  • Access to future courses
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See for yourself what 10 minutes a day can do.
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All plans include

  • SAT Prep
  • Algebra
  • AP US History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Lit: The Great Gatsby
  • Developing Self Agency (Look Within)
  • Ikigai and CHIL (Find your Purpose)
  • 1000+ daily online challenges
  • 10,000+ individual questions and detailed answers.
  • Motivational Daily Tracker
  • Weekly leaderboard
  • Checkpoint Quizzes
  • Fun, easy-to-use interface
  • Video Lessons (Everydae TV)
  • Memorable strategies for school and life.
  • Text message study reminders

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