How to maximize your SAT score with Everydae

Marc Feder
July 20, 2023

Everydae is not your traditional SAT tutor.

We don’t teach group classes because we believe in individualized learning.

We don’t pair students with a human tutor because we strive to help families who might not be able to afford one.

We don’t ask students to watch a video and regurgitate what they see because that’s boring (and frankly, not a very effective way to learn).

Instead, we give students agency to learn by doing. To study on their own terms. And hopefully, have a little fun doing it.

So, how do you ace the SAT with Everydae? It’s not easy. But it is super simple…

1) Use it just a little bit. Every day.

We’re not asking students to drive across town or put up with Zoom fatigue for a 2-hour SAT prep class.

We’re not asking them to squeeze in a 90-minute private tutoring session after a long day when they're already mentally exhausted.

Everydae is the most convenient (and dare we say enjoyable) way to study for the SAT. 10 minutes a day goes a long way.

“Half the battle is just showing up.” — Stephen Hawking

2) Use it just a little bit. Every day.

(Emphasis on LITTLE BIT)

Our 10-minute daily SAT challenges are perfect for students with busy schedules (and short attention spans). Doing just one challenge a day goes a long way. Try to do three or four if you can, but one is better than none.

3) Use it just a little bit. Every day.

(Emphasis on EVERY DAY)

If you improve just 1% a day, in the span of one year, you will have improved 3778%! That’s the power of daily habit (and compound interest).

Missing a day here or there is fine, but try not to let more than 48 hours pass without conquering at least one SAT challenge (remember, they only take 10 minutes each).

The best thing you can do is what author James Clear calls “habit stacking.” Habit stacking is when you attach a desired action (e.g. studying with Everydae) to an existing habit (e.g. eating breakfast, riding the bus, etc). Don’t ride the bus? That’s cool. Think about what routine(s) you already have that might be easy for habit stacking your studies with Everydae.

4) Start early.

We know that cramming for the SAT is a terrible way to study, but we do it anyway. Partly because our education system encourages it.

But you can outsmart the system. First, start by thinking about the SAT sooner than a few weeks or a few months before the test. Students are already putting in work just by going to school, so why not give the SAT itself a little more attention earlier on?

After all, there are literally hundreds of scholarships and millions of dollars up for grabs every year based on your SAT score (and you don’t have to ace the test to be eligible for all of them). That’s free money! 💸

So why do we wait until the last minute to hire a private tutor or take a prep course just 6 weeks before the SAT exam? Because that’s the way the system’s been set up.

But you can outsmart the system 🧠.

If it's not clear by now, we named the company Everydae for a reason. Because research shows that consistent daily effort is more powerful than intense cramming.

The earlier you start working with Everydae, the less you’ll be stressed and the less you'll need to cram for the SAT at the last minute. Because exponential little bits are arguably the most powerful force in the universe. But don’t take our word for it. Maybe it sounds smarter coming from Albert…

“The strongest force in the universe is compound interest.” - Albert Einstein, genius
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Success starts with a small step, everyday 👣.

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