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Great Gatsby Review Course

About this course

The Great Gatsby is one of those books that most people who’ve been to high school in the US has at least read a summary of. Enjoying the book, however, is not something that most people can claim. This course is meant to take students one step further, giving them the structure to help them understand and enjoy the book without giving them all the answers.

Who's it for?

This course is perfect for students who are either reading The Great Gatsby for class and are a little confused about what’s going on or for students who are interested in diving into the classic novel for themselves and could use a little bit of extra support.   

How it works

Our English Literature course on The Great Gatsby consists of fun, 10-minute microlessons that are perfect for busy students on the go. Every day we encourage students to complete 1+ challenge and build on what they learned the day before. By the end of this course, students will not only understand the context of the book but will also have a better understanding of the themes (and events) of the book itself and be well-equipped to answer any essay questions that can be thrown their way in class. 

Why The Great Gatsby matters

You aren’t going to get tested on The Great Gatsby in a job interview (unless you’re applying to teach mid-twentieth century literature!). However, understanding Fitzgerald’s classic will enrich your life by helping you understand so many references to the book that come up in modern culture. 

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Course Type

Self-paced online learning with text-message study reminders.

Great Gatsby Curriculum and Topics

  • Background on Fitzgerald and the world in which Fitzgerald wrote
  • Pre-reading introductions to major characters and themes so you’re ready to read
  • Summaries and post-reading quizzes for each chapter
  • Thought-provoking essay questions (and some suggestions on how to write answers for them)

Meet the Creator

Alyssa Humes
Alyssa Humes is a writer and former English major from South Carolina. As an undergraduate, she worked in her college’s writing lab, helping students develop their writing skills so that they could ace their college classes.


  • B.A., in English
  • College English Tutor
  • Former student athlete who loves teaching children how to excel in school and life.

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The Great Gatsby- FAQs

Why is The Great Gatsby read in high school?

Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the novel is considered a classic that captures the 1920s in America. Students are able to learn about this era and what some of the people were like during this time period through all of the themes and literary devices Fitzgerald uses. 

When do you read The Great Gatsby in high school?

The Great Gatsby is listed as a book taught in 10th - 12th grade, but it is commonly taught in 11th grade American Literature classes. 

Do you have to read The Great Gatsby in high school?

For the most part, the Great Gatsby is a required text at many schools. So chances are, you will end up reading the novel at some point in your high school literature class.

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