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Track strengths and weaknesses and assign digital homework and assessments

Branded under your OWN name with your OWN domain

Created by Graduates of:

Dear Tutors and Test Prep Professionals,

Hi, I'm Christine Outram, a passionate educator and the CEO of Everydae.

My goal is to build the right online teaching tools to help students succeed and education businesses thrive.

Over the past five years, we have tested our tools with over 3,000 students and have proven that we can increase student confidence and test scores while decreasing educator stress (and increasing teaching efficiency).

Now, I want to give this white labeled suite of tools to you, so you can boost your capabilities too.

Lorne Jenkins, Founder and CEO, Mini Money

We started working with Everydae 4-5 months ago and
it’s been phenomenal. 

It’s a really solid platform - the time it takes to get everything launched is extremely fast and our students love the software. But the best part is that we don’t have to worry about technical development ourselves. We can really get back to the basics of teaching kids - which is what we love to do.

Can the Everydae platform grow your business?

I know that you got into education because you love to help people learn, but that running an education company can also be tedious and tiring.

Many tutoring and test prep professionals spend tens of thousands of dollars building or buying solutions that promise to increase their bottom line but that end up being hard to integrate or difficult to use - if they are used at all!

That's why I want to share with you a suite of tools that are simple to use, that generate leads for your business, and that are proven to help your students succeed.

And you won't have to spend thousands of dollars. In fact, what if I told you that you can recoup all of your costs from day one?

Everydae's learning system shown on a mobile device, laptop and desktop.

What You Get:

Gamified Self Study Platform so you can launch your own microlesson-focused, engaging self study experiences for existing or new customers.

Online Parent Dashboard so you can keep parents informed of progress and proficiency, without lifting a finger.

World-class Learning Management System so you can easily create online activities, questions and assessments, which can all be stored in one place.

Group Teaching Tools - so you can create cohorts, assign activities and track progress and completion across a class / group of students.

And more...

Everything you need to start selling under your own brand, no matter your niche.

Test prep and certification

Adaptivity & spaced repetition

Exam-day performance predictions

Tutoring/instructor dashboards

Microlearning and gamification

Self-study or integrated into tutoring/classes

School and district-focused education

Keep students engaged

Perfect for bell-work, homework or warm-ups

Create virtual classrooms

Provide teachers with their own dashboard

Sign more contracts with data-driven insights

Adult education and coaching

Engaging and bite-size

Perfect for busy schedules

Create cohorts

Track blindspots, strengths and weaknesses

Self-study or integrated into classes

Publishing and textbooks

Turn material into an interactive experience

Bundle with textbooks or sell alone

Engaging and gamified for all types of learners

Designed for students to feel results

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use questions and material that I have created instead of using your materials?

Yes! Absolutely. We have many partners who prefer to use their own teaching materials.

You will get full access to our Learning Management System where you can import, create and share your own questions, activities and self-study courses.

Don't have time to upload your own materials into the system? We can help with content porting or creation. For more details email hello[@]everydae.com to discuss your needs and goals.

Can I generate online homework sets based on a student's area of weakness/blindspots?

Yes! When you create a homework activity, you can either add questions/exercises individually, or you can generate a set of questions based on a 'skill tag'.

For example, if you know that your student is struggling with SAT probability questions, you can generate a 10-question homework activity that pulls questions based on this 'skill tag'.

Book a demonstration to see more.

I teach a group of students - can I create cohorts and track progress?

Yes! Our instructor experience gives you the ability to create groups and invite students to join the 'virtual class'. From there you can track progress and completion for each student in a group, making preparing for your next group session a breeze.

Do you do marketing for me as well?

We don't offer marketing services at this time, however, we are happy to discuss the building or refreshing of your website in order to effectively communicate your offering and why it is a differentiator for your business.

On our side, we are laser focused on reducing the time it takes for you to start integrating practice activities and boosting student knowledge gains and confidence.

Does Everydae work on any device?

Yes! Everydae works on any device that has an internet connection: mobile phones, tablets, laptops and your desktop computer. We do not yet have an app-store app, but we are always happy to discuss this if you desire this for your business.

Who are the creators of Everydae and what makes you qualified?

We are proud graduates of Harvard, MIT, Duke, Berkeley, UCLA, UT and other top schools.

Prior to Everydae we worked together at Veritas Prep where we helped over 100,000+ families get into the colleges of their dreams.

When Veritas Prep was sold in 2018, we looked at each other and said "we know how to get results, now let's scale what we do across the world!"

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