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Everything you wanted to know about Everydae, the future of online education (and the SAT exam!)

What is Everydae?

Everydae is the most effective and fun way to prepare to ace the SAT. Our system knows exactly which skills a student needs to know to get the score they want. We also know the order they should study these skills to reach their goal efficiently.

It is this intelligence that got us named one of the Top 200 Most Innovative Education Companies in the world.

How long is the Everydae course?

That depends on you and your needs! 

When you sign up for Everydae, we ask what your score goal is and when you plan to sit the test. From this, we recommend how much study you should do each day to reach the score you want before your test day.

We also recommend when to take online practice tests so you can measure your progress and make sure you're staying on track.

Why does Everydae exist?

Most high school students need help getting from 9th - 12th grade and up into college or career. The problem is, tutoring is prohibitively expensive. In fact, only 15% of families can afford to get their children the help they need. This leaves an ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots.

At Everydae we're closing the education inequality gap by creating high-quality, engaging online classes that get students real results. By combining world-class curriculum design with proprietary tech and an engaging user experience, we're changing the way that online learning motivates students and propels them to success. And the best part? Everydae is affordable for everyone, everywhere.

Do you offer discounts for students on free or reduced lunch programs?

Yes! We believe that all families deserve access to the tools, courses and supplemental education that will help their children succeed. If you are part of a Title 1 school and/or on a free or reduced lunch program, please contact us for more details. (Use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page!)

How does Everydae get results?

Everydae gets results in three main ways:
1) We're more engaging than other SAT prep. Some students even dare to call us fun.

2) We use academic best practices, like spaced repetition, retrieval practice and spiraling to teach new skills and bring them back periodically to check that you've retained that information.

3) We interspere bite-size skill builders (that keep students motivated and focused) with longer Checkpoint Challenges and full length practice tests. Switching between learning and doing is what makes us so effective.

Who is Everydae? And what makes you experts?

We're glad you asked! Here's a little more about the Everydae team:

We're alumni of Harvard, MIT, Yale and other top colleges across the U.S., who have spent 17+ years in the test prep, tutoring an admissions consulting industry. Together we have have more than 20,000 hours of teaching, tutoring and curriculum development experience and have also written content for (and operated) some of the most respected test prep, tutoring and admissions consulting companies in the world.

In short, we've seen first-hand how other companies have taken advantage of parents - preying on their stress and charging thousands of dollars for the preparation of one test, let-alone helping their kids to succeed in school generally. We believe there is a better way - so we built it! Our mission is to provide high quality test prep and digital tutoring at a price every family can afford.

PS: we also think it's pretty cool that our CEO is a woman (who is an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur) and we have a highly diverse team.

Do you really just need 10 minutes of daily practice to boost grades or ace an exam?

Yes! If you start early, 10-minutes a day is all you need.

However, we also recognize that every student has different goals and exam dates. That's why our personalized  study plans recommend exactly how much time to spend studying each day.

Let's look at an example for the SAT exam: if a student has a low goal-score or a long time until their exam, 10-minutes may be all they need. But if they are going for a perfect score and the exam is 3 weeks away, then we'll recommend they study more each day!

We personally believe that starting early and doing a smaller amount each day is truly the best way to reduce stress and learn, but ultimately, Everydae works for any student at any stage.

What makes Everydae different to other online courses and study programs?

It's simple! We get you results in less time, with less stress and with less cost.

Our personalized study plans make it easy to stay on track and improve rapidly, every day.
Meanwhile, we know that studying isn't a teenagers favorite activity so we take the stress away with our world-class design and fun game-like feeling. It's no wonder students tell us "you're the study tool I actually want to use!".

Finally, we truly believe that you shouldn't have to break the bank to provide your family with the best. Our mission is to democratize access to education - we believe it is the path to a better future and we're here to make it accessible for all.

What makes Everydae's study plans superior?

Our study plans are arguably one of the biggest benefits of preparing for an exam or improving your skills on specific subjects with Everydae. 

In fact, we like to #humblebrag that our study plans are WAY more sophisticated than your average tutoring company or even the well-known industry players in test prep. What makes our them superior is that we are the only company (we know of) to take past tests and textbooks and pull them apart, question by question to find out:

1) How important that question type is to a test or subject-matter expertise;
2) Whether that question type is foundational to other questions; and
3) How that question-type maps to getting a different goal scores.

What's fascinating about this method is that we end up knowing exactly which things to study to give you the biggest bang for your buck! In other words, we can create a personalized study plan for each and every student that will maximize results in the minimum amount of time.

What age is Everydae appropriate for?

Studying with Everydae is perfect for any student above the age of 13 (or below 13 with their parent's permission and sign up!).

Is Everydae sufficient on its own? Or is it meant to supplement other study resources.

That depends on the type of course:

SAT Prep:

Our SAT Prep is the full package! We've poured 17 years of teaching experience into our signature SAT course and it is designed to stand on its own with everything your child needs to increase their score. This includes online proctored practice tests, strength and weakness reports, checkpoint challenges and 'mixed reviews' as well as a customized study journey based on their goal score and time they have until the exam.

Academic Grade Boosters:
Our academic courses are designed to supplement work done in the classroom. In just 10-minutes a day, we solidify what your child learns in school and help them accelerate their understanding and confidence, so that when it comes to exam time, they will excel!

Life & Career Courses:
Good grades are great, but we also believe in giving students the life skills they need to excel in college and career. From learning essential life skills to developing a personal growth plan for college, our microlessons help students build character on top of their report cards.

Do you have a referral program?

Yup! And we'd love you to spread the word.

Here's how our Everydae referral program works:
1) Create an Everydae account and you'll be automatically assigned a unique personal referral code.

2) Share your personal referral code with your friends, family, followers... whoever wants to ace high school without the stress.  

3) Anyone who pays for Everydae using your referral code will receive a 10% discount. We'll also hook you up with a $10 Amazon gift card for each referral! 

SAT exam FAQs

Do you offer an SAT score improvement guarantee?

Yes we do! Here are the steps to qualify for our SAT score improvement guarantee:

1) Submit an official College Board SAT score report dated prior to signing up for Everydae. The name on the score report must match the name of the Everydae student.

2) Have a paid Everydae account for a minimum of three (3) months.

3) Submit a second official College Board SAT score report within ninety (90) days of the exam date, which must be at least three (3) months after the day that you signed up for Everydae.

If you meet the three steps above, and the second official SAT exam score is lower than first, then you are eligible for a full refund of the amount you paid, less the amount of any gift card bonus you may have received for signing up.

How long is the SAT exam and how do you help students prepare?

The SAT is 3 hours long (or 3 hours and 15 minutes with breaks). However, if you choose to sign up for the optional essay, your total time will be 3 hours and 50 minutes (or 4 hours and 5 minutes with breaks).

This can be a long time to concentrate for any student! But if they've trained with Everydae, they'll walk in on test day with the stamina and confidence to ace the exam.

Here's how we do it:
As you might know, Everydae is broken into fun 10-minute practice sessions (which are perfect for busy schedules!). But, we also combine our quick-hit sessions with Checkpoint Challenges and timed practice exams. Checkpoints are specifically designed to help students practice their pacing and time management. Meanwhile, we also give students a personalized study plan with recommendations for when to schedule their full-length SAT practice exams. Between the Checkpoint Challenges and providing access to numerous full-length SAT practice exams, students are guaranteed to hone the skills they need to get through the exam.

What is the SAT Everydae Readiness Score and how does it work?

Great question!
The Everydae Readiness Score is a score out of 100 that predicts how ready a student is to get the score they want on their SAT test day. The closer you get to 100, the more ready you are to ace the exam!

How is the Readiness Score calculated?
As you study, we are constantly monitornig your progress and improvement. We then use these three criteria to calculate your Everydae Readiness Score:
1) Your performance
2) The weighted importance of skills (to the actual test)
3) The score you want to achieve on test day

How do I get my Readiness Score?
To unlock your Readiness Score, you simply need to complete the first mission in your personal SAT study journey. The more you learn, the more their Readiness Score will grow!

PS: We've found students love this feature because it makes them feel accomplished and shows their progress in real time, keeping them motivated to study more.

When should my child start studying for the SAT exam?

We believe that part of ensuring student success on the SAT exam (and alleviating a lot of the pressure and anxiety associated with studying for the SAT) is making it a normal part of life, not something to be feared. So ideally, your child should start studying for the SAT in 8th or 9th grade, but only in small bites. 

That said, many students still wait to start working with us a few months before their SAT exam, which is totally fine. Those students will simply need to put in more work each day ;)

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