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"I absolutely love EVERYDAE!! It builds my math skills in an entertaining and fun way. I really recommend Everydae to everyone."

- Callie, High school Junior
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Why Everydae

Boost math confidence in just 10-minutes a day.

Everydae is built for busy schedules (and the teenage brain!). Our bite-size lessons feel like a game, not like a chore. The result? Rapid improvement in high school math, without you needing to nag your teenager to study.

Be over-prepared for the PSAT and SAT exams.

Our bite-size lessons and practice tests are aligned with Algebra II, the PSAT and the SAT. With daily practice, your child's confidence will soar—both in the classroom and on test day.

Start as early as 9th grade!

Studies show that daily practice is a much more effective way to learn than cramming for a test or undertaking 3-hour homework sessions. We recommend micro-practice sessions starting as early as 9th grade (or younger if you're advanced!)

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Give them the life skills they need for college too.

Our life-skill boosters are a student favorite!

“I love how there’s a fun question in between each actual math question! It makes the task seem not too daunting and encourages me to keep going!”

- Kinza, Dallas, TX
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Who is Everydae for?

Achieving Addison's

If your teenager has been a high-achiever since middle school, then they'll love using Everydae (even before they take Algebra 2).

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Homeschool Hayden's

Our self-directed learning and use of spaced repetition makes us a top choice for homeschool parents.

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Nervous Nelly's

Does your child get nervous before a big exam? Everydae can help. Daily practice has been proven to reduce stress and improve results.

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A parent-guardian dashboard.

Peace of mind is only a click away. We’ll send you weekly updates so you can track your child's progress and performance (or give them a nudge when you think they could use one!)

A 30-day guide to a productive and enjoyable life.

Sign up for now and you’ll also get FREE access to our 30-Day “Find Your Passion” course.

By combining the Japanese concept of ikigai with positive psychology, this bonus course will help your teenager define and pursue their purpose in life.

Access from any computer, laptop or smartphone.

Whether it's on-the-go or on-the-couch, your child can easily access Everydae’s daily practice challenges (and longer exam-day training sessions) from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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$99 for life!

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Daily improvement

Mission 1

Grow every day


Margin of error

Writing linear models


Margin of error 2

Writing linear models 2


Mixed Review

Evaluating linear models


Function notation

Evaluating linear models 2


Mission 2

Stop horsing around

Function notation 2

Graphing lines

Writing linear equations

Mixed Review

Interpreting y=mx+b

Graphing lines 2

Writing linear equations 2

Predicted value

Interpreting y=mx+b 2

Graphs and equations

Mixed Review

value 2


Improve every day

1000's of questions & detailed solutions

  • Probability
  • Roots
  • Graphing functions
  • Averages
  • Data analysis
  • Function notation
  • FOILing
  • Exponents
  • Simplifying radicals
  • Functions
  • Linear equations
  • Ratios & rates
  • Systems of equations
  • Factoring
  • Unit conversions
  • Exponential functions
  • Quadratic functions
  • Statistics
  • Polynomials
  • Right triangles
  • Volume and areas
  • Word problems
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Complex numbers
  • Variables
  • Inequalities
  • And much more!

Our commitment

Can you improve in math without the stress?
100% yes!

The journey from high school to college is stressful - not just for teens, but for parents too!  It's frustrating to feel like a lack of organization or motivation could be holding your teen back, especially when all you want is to help them succeed.  

For years, some tutoring companies have preyed on this stress because they know that fear sells.  At Everydae, we believe there’s a better way.

A better way to prepare them for college and their career.
A better way to help students discover their direction in life.
A better way to ace high school (and life) without the stress. 

We don’t just believe it. We’re building it. 

Our online learning feels like a game, not like a chore, with 10-minute practice challenges and comprehensive personal study plans that are built for modern students with busy schedules and short attention spans. Meanwhile, our curriculum design (backed by years of academic research) applies principles of problem-based learning, retrieval practice and spaced repetition to maximize learning outcomes and performance on test day. Lastly, our fun, interactive skill boosters increase a student's confidence, cultivate a growth mindset and teach critical social and emotional skills. 

Oh, and you don’t need thousands of dollars to benefit from Everydae.
We're fun, we're effective and we're affordable too.

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