General Job Opening Inquiry

Everydae is a digital tutor in your pocket that makes it possible for any high school student to learn anything, anywhere in 10-minute chunks.

We don't have any job openings right now, but we are always interested in hearing from passionate people who want to contribute to our mission. You never know, we may even open a job position just for you! 

Read below for more about us then click "Apply Now" to reach out.

⚡️ What we look for

  • Passionate people who want to make a difference in the world (especially in education!)
  • A core strength in a key business area (e.g., engineering, marketing, curriculum design, visual/experience design, business development etc)
  • Tenacity and resilience - challenges make you lean in, not want to run away!

🤝 About us

  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • We offer competitive salaries, 401k and equity
  • Our offices are in cool and comfortable Culver City, but since Covid, you can work from wherever you want.