Content writer — AP Human Geography

Everydae is a digital tutor in your pocket that makes it possible for any high school student to learn anything, anywhere in 10-minute chunks. As part of our effort to expand our offerings, we’re looking for project-based content writers to jumpstart our AP Human Geography materials.

⚡️ Responsibilities

  • Design, outline, and produce scalable content for our AP Human Geography course on an agreed-upon timeline
  • Integrate feedback from our editors to ensure that all your content is both accurate and fun.

🤝 Requirements

  • 2+ years tutoring or teaching AP Human Geography
  • Deep content knowledge of all topics in AP Human Geography
  • A passion for dissecting what makes questions hard, not just how to do them.
  • The ability to write and teach with empathy for your students.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills. You should be comfortable explaining complex ideas in an approachable, friendly way.
  • Reasonable levels of comfort with Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and Box.

Our offices are in cool and comfortable Culver City, but since this is a remote position, you can work from wherever you want. This is a part-time, project-based position. You’ll be paid per completed and approved project.